Email Tracker

The Email Tracker is an online osint tool for those wishing to track the use of an email address across the internet. Whether you want to check the use of your own email address or reverse email to investigate someone else's, the Email Tracker is a powerful ally for your osint investigations. With it, you can help yourself better understand how the address is used.

email tracker search by email

Find social media by email

Perform a reverse email search to find the social networks on which an email address was used to create the account. This enables you to find out which social networks are most likely to be used to find a person's profile.

Knowing that the address is used on an instagram account would allow you to find the profile and have more visual information via photos, videos of the person's life or find his circle of close friends and your family in his subscriptions and followers.

So much so that knowing that the person has signed up to twitter or a forum would provide more private, self-focused information.

Reverse email lookup without ratelimit

You can launch as many reverse searches as you like on an email address without risking being blocked and having your IP address banned. When you use an osint tool that allows you to search by email address in bulk, you may find yourself having to wait or change IP, as the sites to which the requests are sent may block you.

That's why it's best to use an email osint tool online. The servers of the email reverse lookup tool will act as intermediaries between you and the sites in order to bypass blocking.

Verify email address without sending email

With this email reverse search tool, you can check the validity of an email address. This is useful for checking its credibility, so you don't waste time investigating an element that will lead you nowhere. An address with activity is unlikely to be an address with no history, temporary or used only for specific purposes.

Reverse email lookup gmail

You can lookup gmail address, proton, outlook, and even custom email addresses with a personalized domain name. No matter which email provider you use, Email Tracker works. The scan is site-dependent, not email service-dependent.

This reverse email search tool is completely legal, it doesn't use any data breaches, it just simplifies the open source intelligence (OSINT) process by using login forms, account creation forms, password resets and site APIs to obtain email addresses used on different sites. Even encrypted messaging systems that respect privacy have no way of countering this osint email search. Once the analysis is complete, you'll get a list of websites to which the email address is associated.

Holehe online alternative

Email Tracker is an osint online tool inspired by holehe github. Holehe is also an osint email tool, but unlike Email Tracker, Holehe is not online and requires installation.

Nor can you use it on any support you like. To use holehe for osint, you'll need to have a device with python installed on it. Whereas our osint people search tool can be used on any device as long as it has access to a browser.