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Exif Viewer lets you view image metadata online anonymously thanks to its simplified web interface. Send photo or image for which you want to read exif data, and it will automatically extract the metadata and present it in an organized and comprehensible way. You can then export, modify or delete them as you see fit. For your anonymity, files are analyzed locally and never pass through our servers.

View exif data online

Free EXIF reader online

Exif Viewer is a free online exif data viewer for photos and images that lets you view important information such as camera settings, model, timestamp, software, geolocation and much more. Thanks to its online web interface, you can view, change and remove all metadata from file no matter what device you're on. Whether you're on android, iphone, macOS or linux, you can use our exif data viewer online without installing anything.

Photo location viewer

A camera or phone with a built-in GPS system can record gps coordinates in the EXIF data. If the metadata contains the image gps location, it can help trace where the photo was taken. Find location from photo can be very useful for identifying places frequented by a person, or for tracking an individual's movements as part of an OSINT investigation.

Free metadata photo location viewer

Exif data changer online

You can now modify exif data of your images and photos. Modifying sensitive information such as geographic location, date and time of shooting or camera model is a good way to protect your privacy.

This can be useful if you're having trouble getting content removed from the Internet. Edit metadata and reposting the same potentially privacy-risking photos, with completely different information, will make it more difficult for someone who's too curious about you. They'll find it hard to trust the information they find about you, which will deter them from taking malicious action at the risk of losing time and credibility.

If you're into sharing photos containing EXIF data, you may also need edit image metadata to add or change certain data. For example, to add the author's name as a credit, or to avoid posting missing or inaccurate information on websites specializing in photo sharing.

Remove metadata online

The best way to protect yourself is to remove exif data from image. That's why the Exif Viewer lets you remove metadata image.

Even though the majority of sites and social networks remove metadata, it's best to take care of it yourself, as we don't know whether they keep copies with this data, which could be resold to third parties or leaked if their database is compromised. What's more, some sites simply don't delete metadata, either for legitimate reasons - such as Flickr or 500px, which are platforms for photographers to share their images, in which case it's useful to keep EXIFs - or for lack of interest in their user's privacy.

That's why it's important to limit the availability of this information and remove metadata from photo online. Delete photo metadata is essential for privacy-conscious users who wish to reinforce their anonymity on the Internet. Using a metadata remover means having total control over the retention or deletion of personal data.

Extract exif data

To save and download picture metadata, you can export the extract exif data to a file. Available in a variety of formats, so you can easily reuse and share your discoveries.