Twitter Scraper

Twitter Scraper is a tool that lets you collect all the tweets from a Twitter account online, without ratelimit, account or api key. Once collected, you can view the profile online, sort tweets using our filters or search and quickly access the information you want.

A better advanced twitter search

Enhance your advanced Twitter searches with Twitter Scraper. This tool allows you to perform more advanced searches of tweets than Twitter's native search.

You can search for specific words, filter out tweets containing insults or inappropriate terms, sort by chronology to see the first tweets from a profile, or by popularity to display the most viewed, liked or retweeted tweets first.

twitter search tweets with filter

Search on Twitter without account

Since Elon Musk restricted access to Twitter for non-connected users, it was no longer possible to view Twitter without an account. However, thanks to Twitter Scraper, which bypass this limitation. You can now use Twitter features via our web interface without needing an account or access to the Twitter API.

View twitter anonymously

Become totally invisible on Twitter with Twitter Scraper. You can browse Twitter without having to create an account. Access everything you need discreetly. Your search history will remain confidential. You no longer need to provide information such as your email address or date of birth to view sensitive content.

There's no risk of disclosing your presence to the person you're watching. You can view the content of a Twitter account without any possibility of interaction, eliminating any risk of accidentally sending a like or retweet notification that might alert the target.

View a Twitter account that blocked you

With Twitter Scraper, you can extract and view anyone's tweets, even if that person has blocked you. No need for a second, hidden Twitter account.

Twitter archive

Twitter Scraper allows you to make an archive of an account, as it saves all the information and allows you to consult it at any time. Even if data is modified or deleted, it remains accessible.

See deleted tweets

Once you've extracted the tweets from a Twitter account, they're stored in a database. Even if the account owner decides to delete the account or certain tweets, you'll still be able to view them. If you extract a profile again, a comparison will be made with old tweets. Any tweets that are no longer visible on the account's timeline will be considered deleted and will be archived. This allows you to display all deleted tweets with a filter.

View tweets from a private Twitter account

If all the tweets from an account have been collected before the Twitter account has been made private. You can still access its messages without having to follow it.

Twitter username history

It's no longer possible to hide by changing name! With each new scan, the Twitter usernames of the accounts are saved for historical record. Even if the account is deleted, you can still access this history. Knowing old usernames can also help you find other Twitter accounts, or launch a search with OSINT's Username Checker tool.