Username Checker

Username Checker is the ultimate tool for online researchers and investigators. Our service simplifies online information retrieval by allowing you to check with a single click whether a given username is being used on hundreds of websites.

How it works?

Simply enter the username in our search bar, and our tool goes to work. It explores multiple online platforms, social networks, marketplaces, forums, blogs, gaming sites, video sharing to detect the presence of a matching profile. This feature allows you to quickly discover where someone has potentially registered online.

Why use Username Checker?

Our OSINT tool is an essential ally in bringing together information scattered across the web. It lets you create a complete overview of a person's online activity, check the consistency of the information they provide and even discover other usernames associated with them. Whether you're a security professional, an investigator, or just concerned about your online presence, Username Checker is an invaluable asset for your online research.

However, usernames can be used by anyone. Some profiles found may not match the person you're looking for. That's why we've developed the Email Tracker - an OSINT tool that lets you search by email. Combining these two tools can help you confirm that the person is actually registered on the site and using their username.

A real alternative to Sherlock and Whatmyname

Our Username Checker is a real alternative to Sherlock and Whatmyname. Faster and more complete, it eliminates the need to juggle several tools. It allows you to scan a larger number of sites more quickly. The username search is designed for maximum efficiency. No more frustrating waiting times.

Optimize your online information search with Username Checker and discover a world of possibilities. Try it now and make your online surveys easier than ever.